A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Become a hero, by bringing light and joy to a castle which has been forgotten. You have 3 lifes and 15 chambers to clear. Are you up to the task?

Become the real composer.

Small game developed in 5 days with a team of 4 students of first year from bachelor Game Design.

NOTE: Game instructions are in French.


Translation of information:

-Use the guitar to create a temporary shield around you, which will push enemies out of your way.

-Use the drum to create a shockwave which stays in place for some seconds, this stuns the enemies within it's range.

-Use the ocarina to dash a small distance, it can be very usefull to illuminate faster the level.

-Use the piano to activate 5% of the level, be carefull it wont let you move while you are playing the piano.

-Movement of the player: ASDW to move Left, Down, Right, Up.

-Use the up or down arrow to circle around your powers.

-Use the space bar to activate your power.

-There are two enemies: The first one, won't follow you, but it will go to an illuminated tile and deactivate it. The second one, will follow you and try to kill you. Be carefull both enemies are lethal on first touch.


2D Artist: Hubert de Buyer @MixBulfreak

Sound Designer: Michael Duport @glurgludor

Level Designer: Camille Chiurazzi @Kaily_krly

Programmer: Italo Pardave @shotskeber

Install instructions

Which to download: (OSX and Windows versions available)

AZERTY keyboard - FR Version

QWERTY keyboard - EN Version


PicabooTheComposerEN_Win.zip 15 MB
PicabooTheComposerFR_Win.zip 15 MB
PicabooTheComposerEN_osX.app.zip 18 MB
PicabooTheComposerFR_osX.app.zip 18 MB


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Pretty fun stuff!